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Since its beginnings as the folk-y solo project of Athens, Georgia-based singer/songwriter Matt Martin, to its current indie rock incarnation and full-band status, you could say Wanderwild has come a long way. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional, and in the case of Wanderwild, the growth curve is off the charts.

Today the band unleashes a crunchy new single, “Andy,” an Interpol-esque tune with Strokes-like sensibilities, one that will get your toes tapping and your heads bobbing. “‘Andy’ is reflective of a new creative process for us, where each instrument’s voice is relatively uncomplicated, but together they intertwine to make something dynamically and melodically engaging,” says the band of the song. “The sum of us as musicians is greater than each of us individually, and none of us is trying to outshine the other. The song explores feelings of romantic frustration as two people fall away from one another. It’s about seeing the writing on the wall and not knowing what to do about it.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Andy” by Wanderwild:

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