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New England indie rocker Merritt Gibson writes songs that are deeply personal and unflinchingly honest as she seeks to understand the world and how she fits into it—a quest to which we can all relate. College freshman Gibson, however, displays perspective and observation that is beyond her years.

On March 30th, she will release Eyes On Us, her debut album; today, she unleashes the album’s title track, inspired by the beginning of the end of a relationship. “I had tried to keep the relationship private for a while, but I knew it couldn’t last like that,” she explains of the song’s inspiration. “The moments before something goes public are really special—you have a secret, something that ties the two of you together. But that’s not real life. Real life is what happens after everyone knows. And as people found out, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the attention. In terms of love and relationships, I’m very private except for with the closest of friends,” she continues. “In retrospect, I see that my unease was symbolic of a deeper issue–it wasn’t the right relationship.”

“In your sweatshirt more than I’m with you / now it smells like my perfume,” she sings, painting a vivid image that incorporates senses of sight, touch, and scent. “The lines describe a tangible, relatable vignette–this feeling of artificial warmth from an object that represents someone. But it’s just an object, and it becomes more and more disassociated with its original owner as time goes on,” she describes. “I was inspired by my own life–I didn’t see my boyfriend much, and his sweatshirt was taking on the scent of my perfume. To me, this manifested our growing apart and increasing isolation. Evoking a simple image of a sweatshirt and perfume is both concise and down-to-earth, refraining from melodramatic or lofty sentiments,” she adds. “I’ve always preferred reality and the mundane over fantasy and fairytales.”

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Eyes On Us” by Merritt Gibson:

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[This single, as well as the album, will be available for purchase on March 2nd. Click HERE for details.]

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