“Writing songs and listening to music is my therapy. I want to write meaningful songs that can help other people,” says 15-year-old Nashville-based singer/songwriter Lindsey Lomis. Her soulful single “Our Memories” has been getting airplay at Nashville bastion of independent radio, Lightning 100.

“I’ve been doing music forever it feels like,” she reveals. “I’ve been singing ever since I could. I started playing guitar three or four years ago. Music is my life. I started writing songs randomly in my head when I was little, sitting on the swing set, songs about my dog, the swings, and looking up at the sky,” she laughs. “I wrote [‘Our Memories’] a really long time ago and produced it with John Mark Painter, it such an exciting process for a someone my age,” she explains. “It’s a love song, but I’ve never been in love like that. I have to imagine what it would be like in those kinds of situations, I do have some experiences, but I’m young,” she levels. “But, I get to put myself in different positions, and that’s fun for me. Some of the proceeds of the song are being donated to The Alzheimer’s Association,” she continues. “I want to use my music to help with important causes.”

This busy young songcrafter with the otherworldly voice maintains her social life through co-writes with friends and finds inspiration in the music of Tori Kelly, Allen Stone, and Marvin Gaye; her participation in local music camps like Girls Up Loud and Southern Girls Rock Camp has been pivotal in providing mentorship to cultivate her talents, and in building confidence needed to pursue her dream. The camps also provide her with opportunities to play around town in venues she isn’t yet old enough to enter. “I also do open mic nights, and Lightning 100 found me because of one of those,” she reveals. “They played my actual song on the radio, it was so exciting! I was out of school the day it was supposed to play, and my mom and I drove around all day and listened to the radio. I got so nervous!” she recalls. “There’s nothing like that feeling, I don’t think it will ever get old.”

[Click HERE to find out more about donating to The Alzheimer’s Association.]

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