Portland-based travelin’ troubadour John Craigie, with his flair for storytelling, Mitch Hedberg-esque observational humor, and folksy delivery, delights and dazzles crowds wherever he lands. Today, Craigie unleashes his latest song, “Talkin’ Leviticus Blues,” his take on an equality issue ripped from the headlines.

“This song was inspired by a conversation with someone about the Bible and their stance on gay marriage,” Craigie recalls. ”This was back in 2012 and Obama had given an interview the day prior saying he supported gay marriage, which sent lots of Americans off the edge. This person I was conversing with was one of those upset Americans. I felt it was humorous but also necessary to point out the inconsistencies in the book of Leviticus and what most Christians choose to listen to and what they choose to ignore. This song is done in the traditional ‘talking blues’ style that I first learned from listening to early Dylan. But he took from Woody Guthrie  who took it from traditional blues players even before him.”

Folk music and the artists who deliver it has traditionally served as a thermometer or a mirror for the culture, and with “Talkin’ Leviticus Blues,” Craigie carries the torch. “The election is over and I don’t care about your vote and I don’t care what your religion is. I would just hope that if people could get worked up over stuff like that, that maybe they could get worked up over stuff that’s way, way, way, way, way more important, like feeding people, healing sick people, loving your neighbor, you know, no big deal, just all that Jesus stuff.” Touché, John Craigie. Touché.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Talkin’ Leviticus Blues”:

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