British singer/songwriter Jade Bird is taking 2018 by storm with her recent heartbreak anthem, “Lottery.” With its optimistic imagery and upbeat flow, don’t let the song fool you. Sounding weirdly blissful for a breakup song, Bird talks of the losses that come with the game of love.

“You used to say that love is a game/but you got your numbers and you’re betting on me,” sings Bird, showcasing her ability to write hard-hitting lyrics about the risks involved with taking a chance on love. With the release of this tune, Bird is preparing for the next chapter of her career following the release of her 2017 album, Something American.

Despite her talk of numbers, the math is simple. Jade Bird has hit the lottery with this track.

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[This review was handcrafted by Eo8’s own Brianna Goebel.]

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