Holidays are approaching. Families will converge, and inevitably, personalities will clash. Opinions will rub and create friction. Sometimes, it takes the experience of loss for us to realize that we would gladly endure those stress-inducing situations for one more moment with a loved one. Sometimes, thankfully, we have helpful reminders to keep us on track before pain issues its own reality check.

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Katie Herzig’s new single, “Me Without You” is one of those gentle nudges. In this simple love song, Herzig steps away from the electro-pop elements to which we’ve become accustomed, and embraces her more acoustic side. Co-produced by Cason Cooley and co-written with KS Rhoads, the song is classically simple, a saunter-up-to-the-piano kind of tune that brims with pure magic and heartfelt nostalgia. “Sometimes I get so far away, and I feel all alone/No matter where I end up, you always bring me back home,” she sings as her ethereal upper vocal register grazes the rafters.

“I think its acoustic nature makes that true for sure. I know some people miss that side of me, I do too sometimes!” she says of this return to her sonic roots. “I liked the idea of releasing this song leading into the holidays — the holidays always feel like a good time to tell the people you love that you love them.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Me Without You” by Katie Herzig:


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