Carverton, Nashville-based purveyors of effervescent, party-infused pop rock, released their self-titled headbanger of an EP in August. Today, the band is unleashing a tongue-in-cheek new video for EP track “Hollywood.” “We wanted to shoot a porno for the music video, but our manager said that probably wasn’t a good idea,” jokes band bassist Sean Wykoski. “You could say it’s a play on how we only tend to see what Hollywood and the media tell us we need to be, but that we need to embrace who we truly are.”

“Everybody wants to have a mansion in Hollywood…everybody wants to be somebody they’re not, I’m fine with being me,” declares vocalist Kyle Yorlets in the chorus, amidst flashing lights, gold lamé clothing, champagne-toting party girls…and a dabbing bear. “Who is bear boy?” laughs drummer Christian Ferguson. “We had a ton of fun shooting it. Josh Lockhart (producer/director) made the entire experience fluid and enjoyable.”

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Hollywood,” the brand new video from Carverton:

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