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“Never been to hell and back, I can’t imagine it’s pretty,” coos Sc Mira’s Sadye Cage in the band’s recent single, “Mexico.” Lead by a voice like a White Rabbit in Wonderland that lures listeners into an unpredictable adventure, this Canadian band has the corner on cool.

“A few years back. we recorded and released an EP, just the two of us,” she recalls of the group’s early days with co-founder Ty Vega. “It was six songs, but we needed to play them as a full band, so we got the help of friends to help us out with shows. Slowly, some became members, and it’s taken shape over the last few years. We hold each other together, some are more organized than others. We avoid chaos, so that means we must be a good combination,” she laughs.

While Sc Mira began in the folk realm, the addition of new members to round out the lineup and time spent on the road transformed the band’s sound into something a little different. “When taking the music on the road, we decided we really loved putting on a show, and that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the folk world, just chilling and playing the songs, and telling what each one was about,” explains Cage, “That’s not really what we wanted to do; when we brought our keys player into the band, that changed things a lot because Ty plays keys too, and it became even more synth-y, and eventually heavier. We started calling it ‘Death Pop’ because there’s always a dark aspect to what we do, whether it’s lyrically or sonically; people kept asking us what genre we fit into, and we couldn’t really answer that, so we just made up our own,” she laughs, “So that means it’s true.”

The group plans to release more singles in anticipation of their upcoming EP; “We started working on our songs, every line, every structure, tore them down and built them back up. They were pretty solid, so we recorded them,” she says. “When it was all said and done, we’d self-produced all the songs, and were really happy with the end result. We just finished a tour and we’ll take a short break to release the album,” she continues, and reveals that there are plans to hit the road soon after. “No definite dates yet,” Cage adds, “But be assured, we’re coming!”

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