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California-based alt-pop outfit Private Island, currently on their first nationwide tour, will make a stop at The High Watt on July 28th to dazzle the Nashville crowd with their sultry brand of electro-groove. “We bought a school bus for this tour and I’ve been working on it for the last two weeks, night and day to modify it,” says vocalist Christian Lum. “Most of the band hasn’t ever been to the east coast. I’ve been before, but not since I’ve turned 21,” he adds with a laugh.

The band will release Night Drive, their forthcoming album, this fall. “We’re going for a more mature and produced sound than before. It’s definitely darker,” Lum explains. “Lyrically, it’s about what I was going through at the time. ‘Turbulence’ was originally about losing faith in love; but the song ended up being a political song,” he says of their recent single. “The government is one person in a relationship, and the other person in the relationship represents ‘the people.’ Losing faith in love seemed a little too emo for me,” he laughs. “Everyone has a say when we write; we’re always trying to refine it, but it always sounds like ‘us’ at the end of the day.”

Lum, almost fully recovered from vocal chord surgeries, says the group is excited to travel to The Music City. “I can sing, I just can’t stay out all night and party,” Lum admits. “I have to go to bed early and take it easy. I just have to stay tame! Our guitarist has to take it easy as well, he’s recovering from a knee injury,” he continues. “You might even see a wheelchair onstage. Hopefully not.”

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