Love is in season, and soulful siren Stelle Amor is an ambassador, doing her part to spread that love with her fiery brand of soul music. She kick-started her EP release show celebration with all the funky-pop vibes at one of Nashville’s favorite venues, Exit/In, and began her night speaking to the crowd. While she related to the vulnerable and humbled herself before us all, her words and aura echoed her heart’s excitement for love, and created common ground between her and the eager listeners in attendance.

Born in Kansas and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she developed a passion for music, inspired by her dad’s love of the blues. Surprisingly, she admitted she began her career in the hopes of becoming a songwriter and not a singer, but her family and friends continued to encourage her to pursue more. The transcendent Stelle Amor espouses freedom, explored in songs like “Spike’s Groove,” which exploded with emotion as she took us on a journey outside of ourselves, lost in the sound of her voice and the flow of her body-moving tunes, and achieved her goal to create a timeless vibe.

 “Come get lost in my blue dream haze and good melodies,” she instructed. “Don’t worry about what you’ve done or who you think you should be. Just live in the moment, be one with the music and free. We are all stained and insane. Let’s embrace our pain and flaws, for they make us who we are- beautiful in every way.”

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 [This review and its accompanying photos were crafted and created by the dynamic Jenn Ahline.]

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