Nashville-based singer/songwriter Heather Bond, who co-fronts The Daybreaks, has been a fixture in the Nashville music scene for almost a decade. Now, the multi-faceted Bond is releasing a brand new single, “The Mirage (Waking Up With You),” and its accompanying music video.

“I wrote this song with Viktor Krauss in his home studio, which is covered from floor to ceiling in synthesizers—it’s amazing,” Bond reveals of the track, which features. six different synthesizers and keyboards, from a 1948 Mustel Celeste to a 1981 Roland Jupiter 8. “’The Mirage’ is about thinking back on your life and wondering if you changed something, how would life look now? We experience these heavy moments in our lives that eventually become distant memories, but sometimes they pop back up so vividly and make us question, ‘Did I get it right?’ The perspective changes as we grow, yet we still dream about the way things used to be,” she explains. “Nothing is ever black and white.”

Bond’s breathy and angelic vocals glide across a lushly-layered groove, a cool combination of synth and swagger. Did she get it right? Absolutely.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “The Mirage (Waking Up With You)” by Heather Bond:

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