Jadea Kelly Week continues! Every day this week, we are posting about our new favorite angelic-voiced alt-folk songstress (and self-proclaimed space nut and Star Wars superfan) to celebrate her upcoming show at The High Watt in Nashville on April 6th, presented by East of 8th! Kelly will release her third studio album, Love & Lust, later this month, and each of its 11 stunning tracks will blow you away.

In a recent chat with her, we played a fun little round of word association, check it out:

Love— “It’s something I’m learning more about with every passing day. I’m also learning to love   myself, which is easy to say but hard to do.”

Lust— “It’s fun for a little while, but easy to get tangled in.”

Music— “My savior and the greatest thing on earth. It’s healing.”

Guilty Pleasure— “Space! I love astronomy, i love space, I can tell you everything about it. My website is called ‘DarthJadea.com.’ I’m a big Star Wars fan.”

Princess Leia— “I relate to her on a hair level. She’s a go-getter and an entrepreneur, a strong female.”

Home— “Home is everywhere right now, my tour van, Nashville, L.A., Prince Edward County, Toronto, all those places.”

Past— “Something I’ve made peace with.”

Future— “It’s exciting, and unknown. I’m generally pretty jacked about life every day. That should definitely be the title of this article, ‘Jadea is jacked about life,’”

Nashville— “Where I found my heart again. And my hope.”

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For show information: Jadea Kelly w/ Adam Agin & Natalie Schlabs at The High Watt

For tickets:  http://ticketf.ly/2m5f2s4

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