Nashville natives Colony House made a return home on march 9th and were welcomed by a sold-out crowd at the Cannery Ballroom; currently on a nationwide tour in support of their stellar sophomore album Only the Lonely, the band performed their hearts out for over 1,000 frenzied fans on that stormy Thursday night.

Not only does Colony House make fantastic records, they bring an unparalleled energy to the stage that is unmatched; as the crowd shuffled into position and people found their places among the masses, there was an overwhelming energy in the room. Many of us in Nashville have eagerly witnessed this band grow over the years, taking their hard-earned place amongst the other frontrunners in today’s indie rock scene. The room was filled with fans and friends, like a hometown welcoming party for the group. The suspense built, the lights dimmed, and the show was off to a roaring start with opening track “Cannot Do This Alone.” The band was electric, and played with energy and precision that quickly took full control over the stage and the sweaty crowd. The production on this tour was phenomenal, and something I hadn’t seen from the band up to this point, with dynamic, song-synced lighting illuminating a huge screen that spanned the entire back half of the stage. From flashing lights to rolling images, every detail of the live production captivated, and highlighted each member’s outstanding musicianship, as each member put every bit of themselves into every line.

The band played their new songs for most of the show, the finely-tuned Nashville crowd provided its own vocals, with lyrics already committed to devoted memory. Toward the end of the show, frontman Caleb Chapman played “This Beautiful Life” alone acoustically, joined at the end by his bandmates, as they gathered around alone microphone and contributed heavenly harmonies to Caleb’s otherworldly melody; the group ended the night with old favorites from their debut record, a wonderful ending to an incredible show.


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[This review was crafted by the multi-talented James Farley; you can follow him at These lovely photos were provided by the incomparable Nathan Pirkle; you can see more of his genius on display at]

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