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Carrie Lane is a busy lady—the model/writer/budding pop songstress literally does it all. Recently, she released a new single, “If I Can’t Be With You,” via the website of major clothing retailer Forever 21. “A lot of my story involves modeling,” Lane begins about the unique premiere opportunity. “It’s fun to combine fashion and music, they easily go hand-in-hand. I’d done a shoot of Forever 21 clothing for my own purposes, they loved the photos, and picked them up. I have a lot of different sides, and we were able to show that through this experience.”

The New Jersey-born, Los Angeles-based Lane began her journey as a child in musical theater, but gave it up as a teen. “I wanted to be a ‘normal’ teenager and go to college, all that stuff,” she laughs. “For about a year, I tried college, didn’t do anything artistic, and I was miserable. I had to figure out a way incorporate music back into my life—I realized I didn’t want to play characters anymore, but that it was the music that I missed.” Three years ago, she started writing music of her own. “I always carry a journal, there’s a notebook in my hand at all times,” Lane explains. “It took me years to figure out what I wanted to say. I wrote a lot of songs in the beginning, which I would never release now, but it helped me figure out what to say and how I wanted it to sound.”

Her new song, “If I Can’t Be With You,” brims with sass and attitude, vintage vibes with a  modern pop edge. “I grew up listening to Carole King, she’s always inspired me, the Tapestry album was always playing at my parents’ house,” she recalls. “My parents were old school, and that’s the kind of music we had. I get easily addicted to music; anyone who knows me knows I can hear a song on the radio once or twice and know all the words, it gets etched in my brain. I mixed those old school sounds with all those radio songs, and it created this old school pop woman inside me.”

Lane has a new album ready for release, and she teases that it might come out this spring. “It’s ready to be played! I’m excited for people to hear it. It’s a story of the different sides of relationships; there’s a song that fits every emotion you have when it comes to love. Each song on the album is about a different guy, which has been very interesting,” she laughs. “‘If I Can’t Be With You’ is about my high school love. It’s different writing about it now; when you first start dating someone, you’re lovesick all the time and you want to talk them and be with them nonstop. It’s so dramatic! I still feel that a little when it comes to relationships,” she adds. “That innocent, cute, puppy love still exists when we find someone we truly care about.”

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