21dd3cff6-97eb-6d4f-e6fc16eb24c442b0“It’s good to take flight,” sings Grammy-nominated Norwegian soul maestro Bernhoft in “The Morning Comes,” the opening track of his forthcoming EP of the same name, set for release on January 20th via Big Picnic Records.

With this five-song stunner, Bernhoft takes us on a journey of awakening, a coming of age of sorts. “The Morning Comes” is a declaration—concerned with the state of humanity at this tumultuous juncture in our world’s history, he acknowledges his desire to grow and improve—“I can be better”, he wails in his beautiful voice, one that seems to originate in the depths of his being. After the acknowledgment comes the plan; “We Have A Dream” is a call to action. The song calls to mind a dance floor in the shadow of a brilliantly illuminated disco ball, beckoning the crowds to come together and enjoy, as lush instrumentation and Bernhoft’s enormous vocals bring 70s-style groovy soul to the 21st century. “The kumbayas are getting shot to pieces, and I ain’t never had to overcome,” he admits, and encourages us to wake up and realize we’re all people who when cut, bleed.

Bernhoft leaves the 70s behind and embraces the electronic with laser-like synth and a slow jam-centric beat in “Visceral.” “I know it’s basic/But somehow some people haven’t nailed it/That we are individuals with individual taste/It doesn’t matter what color or race you are or where you’re from,” he declares in his observation of the human condition. In “You Belong,” Bernhoft explores current issues like gun violence and racial tension, and finishes the journey with  wistful tenderness in the lullaby-esque “Little Ghost.”

Poignantly thoughtful lyrics and gorgeous production abound on this little gem, and provide the perfect backdrop for Bernhoft’s soul-steeped powerhouse of a voice. The Morning Comes is a winner, and leaves us wanting more.

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