Nashville-based bluesy alt-rockers The New Respects, having recently signed with Credential Recordings, are taking 2017 by the horns with a brilliant new single, “Money.”

“’Money’ was written while we were in college, when we didn’t have much,” reflects the band’s bassist Alexis Fitzgerald. “The chorus says ‘life ain’t about money,’ and that’s true; we found happiness at a time when money was tight, and we wanted to share that sentiment with our fans. Our producer, Jeremy Lutito, helped us create a fun chorus and rhythm that would allow our audience to let loose and enjoy life in the moment.”

The New Respects, made up of three siblings, twins Alexis (bass) and Zandy Fitzgerald (guitar), along with their brother Darius (drums), and cousin Jasmine Mullen (vocals/guitar), derives their influence from the gospel music they were surrounded by growing up in Nashville, along with the soulful sounds of artists like Aretha Franklin, Alabama Shakes, and John Mayer.

Give it a spin:

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