There is a vast difference between complaining about today’s state of affairs and actually trying to do something about it. In the wake of disillusionment that was 2016, Nashville musician Julian Ciany has decided to put his money where is mouth is, organizing a show featuring  local bands to benefit Nashville’s Oasis Center at local venue The East Room on Friday, January 13th.
“The future is here, and Donald J. Trump is going to be its leader,” says Ciany. “We have decided to ignite activism within the communities most likely affected by such a reality, while also raising money for an established organization that has a history of helping marginalized youths.” Oasis Center is a nationally-recognized community-building organization that realizes that the lives of young people are complex, and that supporting their healthy transition to adulthood can’t happen through a singular support. Oasis offers 21 programs ranging from Nashville’s only crisis teen shelter to Nashville’s only college counseling center for first generation college students. Oasis’ programs are making a real and tangible difference in the lives of Nashville’s youth.

Music Band,  Western MedicationIdle Bloom, and Bummr City will be performing at the benefit; “We’re asking everyone to give up a couple lattes, or skip a meal at McDonald’s, and come join us for the cause in what will surely be a legendary night of performances,” adds Ciany. “The event is $10 at the door, but feel free to bring your checkbooks, and dig in a little deeper for the Oasis Center.”

For show information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1558873434139567/

To learn more about The Oasis Center: https://www.oasiscenter.org/#about

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