Light fixtures crashing from the ceiling. Walls forcibly rattled to dust. Windows shattering into splintery slivers. The ground quaking under your feet. Permanently affixed stankface-y snarl. Y’all, meet the music of LYING BSTRDS.

Hailed as “Liverpool’s most dangerous band,” LYING BSTRDS, who, in their first year of existence, already have world travel, high-end supporting slots, and festival appearances under their proverbial belts, will release their debut EP, Leeches & Seeds, early next year.

The rocktastic quintet follows up their successful debut single, “Youth & Old Age,” with “Shoelaces,” a track that could derail a train. It’s heavy, it’s brash, it lasts all of about two and a half minutes. Of the song, the band says, “The track itself is about being stuck, when you’re literally at the bottom of the bottle and there is nothing left worth living for but you know nothing else but how to fight.”

Without further ado, East of 8th is thrilled to present “Shoelaces” by LYING BSTRDS. Buckle up and listen loud:

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