Raised on a steady diet of 60s/70s rock and soul music, along with newer singer/songwriter greats, Portland-based Corey Harper left college to purse his musical dreams in Southern California.  Harper settled in the artistic epicenter of Venice Beach, where he tapped into the pulse of creativity all around him to make his critically-acclaimed six-song debut EP On The Run released last month; this week, he offers a collection of acoustic versions of songs from the EP, which includes a brand new track, “Charlotte’s Wine.”

“Sometimes a song needs to be stripped back to a guitar and vocal for the listener to fully understand what an artist is saying,” says the 21-year-old singer/songwriter about his inspiration to release an acoustic version.

The acoustic re-imagining allows access to the essence of the music, and experience the heart-wrenching nuances of Harper’s emotive voice on full display.  Check out new track “Charlotte’s Wine” here:


Purchase On The Run Acoustic EPhttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/on-the-run-acoustic-ep/id1184724457

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