Detroit-based folk-pop outfit Frontier Ruckus, who will unleash their fifth album, Enter The Kingdom, on February 17th, have released the first video and single from the record, “27 Dollars.” The video depicts a pair who have apparently consciously uncoupled, as the poor guy mopes around the city sending texts to his former lady friend, who is busy at her fancy job ignoring those texts…and dang it, she still owes him $27–she knows what it’s for.

“While I was writing the songs for Enter the Kingdom, a lot of the subject matter was rather heavy. ’27 Dollars’ was sort of an escapist reaction against that, allowing myself to indulge in classic power pop tricks that are designed to make the listener feel good. But like a great Big Star song, it’s really about an underlying unfulfilled longing that the pop sensibilities hopefully complement and magnify,” says songwriter and frontman Matthew Milia. “Shooting the video in Detroit felt right because we returned to the specific landmarks where I had paced around nervously in the first place, like the character in the song-wishing for things he’ll never have but feeling very alive due to the desire.”

With sweetly-sung vocals, rolling banjo, and smile-inducing tongue-in-cheek-inspired side-eye,  “27 Dollars” is priceless . Check it out:


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