“Ringer”, the latest infectious earworm from Dallas, Texas-based rockers The Unlikely Candidates, is a deceptively delightful allegory–the object of the narrator’s desire, the Ringer, represents materialism run rampant. Ah, symbolism.

“’Ringer’ is a song about the American Dream, in the form of a woman, and how it has been hijacked by the pursuit of material wealth and power,” explains band singer and lyricist, Kyle Morris. “‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ has replaced ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’. The Ringer is smart, sexy, and borderline sociopathic. She won’t be tied down by her love or humanity. She wants all that this world has to offer and more – the cars, the clothes, gold chains, and fame,” he continues. And yet, of course, the narrator has fallen in love with this person, she is the new American Dream.

We’d definitely vote for The Unlikely Candidates. Check it out:


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