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Second-generation African from the Basque region of northern Spain Gutxi Bibang is an unlikely candidate to carry the rock n’ roll torch, but with his new single, “System Of  A Gun” out via French indie label OSKAR Recordings, Bibang is not only carrying that torch, he’s brandishing it like a double-edged musical sword.
His family emigrated to the tiny coast town of Algorta outside of Bilbao, but native son Gutxi Bibang has more in common with larger-than-life musical icons than he does his Basque countrymen. Even his unique moniker speaks of his cultural clash heritage – Gutxi, a common nickname in his Basque homeland, and Bibang, from his roots in Africa. Bibang exudes charisma, reminding us of an era when rock n’ roll was a cultural force for change in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and offering us a glimpse into the music’s global future.
“System of a Gun” has an grit and attitude inspired by primal influences, with lyrics pulled from the headlines. “We deal with violence, poverty, unrest, racism and sexism in our music,” he explains. “We believe in the spirit of the ‘peace and love revolution.’”

Give it a spin:

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