Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 10.34.22 AM.png“It’s natural”, declares Nashville’s Guthrie Brown, in “Natural”, the aptly-titled title track of his new EP; Brown, whose previous work was more on the “folk” side of folk rock, has taken his sound in a new electric direction, and it just seems, well, natural.

At five songs strong, Natural explores everything sonically from dance-y indie pop to Tom Petty-esque road-worn ramblers. Each song is lyrically strong–Brown waxes poetic as he contemplates his journey in songs like “Day to Day”; “You say I’m older and that I should know/Where I have been and where I’m planing now to go/That’s so heavy for a young boy like me/‘Cause I’m itching for a life without responsibilities” he sings over the gloriously acoustic finger-picking and Simon & Garfunkel-like sensibilities. “I might get lost but I will not lose my way/Just living in this moment day to day,” he sings, and we believe it.


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