Making the complicated simple is a true indication of creativity, and Brooklyn-based garage rock trio Del Caesar proves it. The band is preparing to release their new four-song EP called EP 2on Friday, November 11th through their imprint, Reheated Spaghetti. Recorded straight to tape, its sound embodies riff-driven, upbeat garage rock, snarling in a way that betrays some swagger, but never hostility. Their lyrics that point to the everyday: relationships, ambitions, stuff we all experience, combined with a stripped-down mono recording sound that leaves us with songs that could have been recorded last month or in 1965.

We’re digging their sound, and wanted to know more about what kind of music they’re listening to that influences Del Caesar’s modern vintage vibe.  “This is just a random smattering of vibey songs that we love,” explains frontman Aaron Lloyd Barr. “I guess if I were pressed to find a thread, I’d say they’re all pretty timeless. The Night Beats song is so reverb-y and wild, it sounds like it could have been recorded in ’68, but ‘The Passenger’ could have been recorded yesterday. I tried to pick some surprises like Van Morrison’s first band, Them, The Pretty Things, one of my newest favorites–Danny and the Darleans (out of Detroit, Danny from The Gories’ new band), and my favorite Shannon and the Clams song “Ozma” (it’s a love song to her lost dog).” SWOON.

Give it a spin, y’all:


Listen to Del Caesar’s new tunes:

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