“Is it wrong if all we wanna do is dance and sing?”, asks Cherub’s Jordan Kelley in the opening track of the electropop duo’s new album, Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence; the lyrics set the tone for the record’s cover to cover atmosphere of funktastic fun from the fellas that brought us smash hit “Doses And Mimosas” way back in 2013.

Kelley and his partner in crime, Jason Huber, have been making people move since 2010; “Neither of us are classically trained musicians, we’re just inspired by what’s around us in our daily lives, the music we like to listen to, and the music we just happen to stumble across. The influence mostly comes from us not knowing what we’re doing and just doing whatever feels right,” says Kelley with a laugh. The pair have amassed quite a following and have circled the globe with their infectiously synth-y grooves and devil-may-care approach to life.

When asked for stories from the road, they hesitantly oblige; “Most of them we can’t really share,” Huber laughs. “A good friend of ours came out on stage with us in Georgia during a show—it happened to be Easter and it also happened to be 4/20. We decided to celebrate with the audience by throwing a copious amount of Easter eggs into the crowd. The Easter eggs may or may not have been packed full of holiday-appropriate goodies. I can neither confirm of deny the content, but people were really stoked when they opened up those eggs.” When we spoke recently, Cherub was in Denver getting fans excited about their headlining Halloween show at Red Rocks—by playing pop-up shows at local marijuana dispensaries. “It’s definitely not an experience you can have in Nashville,” he adds.

Dispensaries or not, Cherub calls Nashville home, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. “Nashville has always been really supportive of us since day one; it’s awesome to have the support of Music City, and it’s so cool to be able to travel and play for people all over the place and change their minds about what to expect from Nashville music,” explains Huber. “People expect country, but we get to let them know there’s pop, hip hop, dance, and everything else under the sun there.”

The band is on tour supporting Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence until the end of the year—literally—with a show planned for the hometown crowd at Marathon Music Works on New Year’s Eve. “We love playing at home, but especially for an occasion like New Year’s Eve, and  with our close friends performing with us that night, we’re so excited,” says Huber. “We’re stoked that our new music is finally out. We’re really thankful for all the support.”

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