October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and Nashville band Creature Comfort has partnered with East C.A.N., an East Nashville-based nonprofit organization with an established network of caring foster families and volunteers who nourish, love, and train homeless and abandoned dogs to turn them into wonderful companions. East C.A.N. also seeks to educate the public on issues of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, and  helps reunite lost pets with their families.

Creature Comfort, who released a new song, “Teeth For Days” on Friday and has a show planned for October 26th at The High Watt, has dedicated half of their October merch sales to East C.A.N., whose mission is near and dear to their hearts; the tight-knit band’s name honors a member who relied on the “creature comfort” of his dog to help him get through mental health struggles. You can peruse the group’s t-shirt and album selection and shop for an amazing cause here:

East C.A.N.’s website features a list of furry friends who need homes; the band has provided their own insight into the pups that have caught their attention, in case you’re having trouble choosing which dog will be your new best friend:

Jessey Clark: lead vocals, rhythm guitar 

Violet is one of the cutest dogs I have seen in a long time. She is the perfect dog for life in Nashville..  She’s not too big, not too small, but just right. You can play in the back yard with her or cuddle up with her on the couch. She’s great for both.”

Nick Rose: lead guitar, back up vocals

“I like Tiger. He’s an older pup known to be sweet, so you know he’ll be nice. And he was a watch dog, so he needs extra love and offers protection in return.”

Cole Bearden: electric bass

“I’d go with Timmy because he’s a seasoned veteran. Caring for an older dog as they age can be very rewarding–it’s not just the puppies who need love and attention.  Contrary to popular opinion, they can indeed learn new tricks!”

Taylor Cole: drums

“I pick Rio because I would call him Diamond Rio and sing that “Meet In The Middle” song with him. Rio is clearly a rockstar’s best bud.”

For show tickets:

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