Melbourne-raised, Los Angeles-based guitar hero Hamish Anderson is ready to release his debut full-length, Trouble, on October 21st via Kobalt/AWAL.

On Trouble,  Anderson says the goal was to make it about the songs; “Get a really great band together and have it be about the songs, not about spending so much time on how the bass drum sounds. It was capturing, warts and all, the live thing,” he explains. “Rock and blues music shouldn’t be perfect, and I’m really proud that there’s no auto-tune on it, that nothing was done to a click track.”

The result is a deep collection of standout rock and blues, including the gritty title track and first single, followed up by “Hold One Me”, a song about being taken over by something – almost possessed by it, released this week. We love them both, and will too. Check out “Trouble” and “Hold On Me”, two treats for your ears:



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