Colorado-based experimental folkicana outfit Elephant Revival is doing its part to raise awareness of the growing refugee and immigrant crisis in our world; the band has released a new video for “When I Fall”, a track from their most recent release, Petals. The group is offering a “pay what you can” download of the song, with all proceeds going to benefit  the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (“NNIRR”), an organization formed in 1986 which works to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status.

“We’re heartbroken thinking about all of the refugees and innocent people in our world who are experiencing war and watching their communities destroyed and people they love die. We are fortunate enough to be able to go home each night and feel safe and secure. They have to get up and walk to whatever country will take them in, while trying to keep their families alive. It puts the world into perspective,” says Elephant Revival’s Daniel Rodriguez. “We just hope more people open their minds and hearts to the realities of what’s taking place.”

To download “When I Fall” and support the cause, follow this link: http://www.elephantrevival.com/when-i-fall/

The band is currently on a national tour, find a show near you: http://www.elephantrevival.com/tour/ 


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