sonderlustcvrart_sq-0b2bc5fed711c49d7f7394031f48aecf43d2bde4-s300-c85Renowned violinist and purveyor of orchestral pop Kaoru Ishibashi, a.k.a. Kishi Bashi, has finally invited us to the party.  This writer was first introduced to the brilliance of his musical prowess in his 2012 full length debut 151a, a glimpse into boundless creativity that was a “sight” for these ears to behold. With 151a, we were spectators, but with Sonderlust, Kishi Bashi’s new full-length album out September 16th via Joyful Noise Recordings, we are participants.

The album’s delightful opener, “m’lover”, beckons us into the celestial experience of Sonderlust, with its twinkling string introduction that culminates in spacious electronic breadth and tribal-esque drumming, as Ishibashi sings in the heavenly falsetto-laced chorus “Would you be my lover?” Swoon.

Each rollicking track is pure excitement  in itself; poetic lyrics are encompassed by experimental electronics and unique backing-vocal stylings as dancefloor-beckoning beats abound. Album standout “Say Yeah” brings to mind all that was lusciously delicious about the disco sound; “All I want is one last chance as your lover” sings Ishibashi over swirling strings, groovy walking bass, and jazzy flute flourishes, after which we are ushered into the space-aged electro-pop of the album’s next morsel, “Can’t Let Go, Juno”. The festivities continue full-throttle, closing with “Honeybody”, its cinematic beginning dissolving into a playful, tropical, calypso-style soiree. There’s something to scratch every kind of musical itch on Sonderlust, you can’t help but have an exhilarating experience. Don’t miss out on this one.

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