Los Angeles-based hip hop genre bender Pigeon John, is preparing to release his new album, Good Sinner, on September 23rd via Dine Alone Records; Good Sinner,  a pop-centric interpretation of hip-hop, features Pigeon John singing far more than he has on past efforts, and more fully reveals his ability to carve out his own lane in an established sound.

*Insert dramatic record scratch here*….”But Susan”, you say. “Hip hop? East of 8th isn’t a hip hop site.”  Beloved readers, hear me out. This ain’t your average hip hop.

“My big influence is multi-genre acts,” he notes. “When Beastie Boys picked their instruments up. When The Pharcyde, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers sang instead of rapped. When Beck got taken seriously. I love doing something that I’m in love with and breaking ground around it because all my favorite bands did that. They were my examples, so I’m following suit. Hip-hop is how you make it and I wanted to make something that didn’t sound like anything.”

He’s succeeded–his new single, “All Eyes On Me”, is a bluesy garage rock-infused banger,   landing him firmly in the realm of alt-rock. You need to listen to this one:

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