Provo, Utah-based dance pop outfit Fictionist has released a new EP, Free Spirit, which features four deliciously catchy body-movers to tickle your fancy and delight your eardrums.

The band has shared stages with the likes of Vampire Weekend, Neon Trees, and Imagine Dragons (SWOON!); their unique sound (which is like Passion Pit enthusiastically high-fiving Two Door Cinema Club while giving a hearty thumbs-up to Peter Gabriel) features two lead-vocalists, Stuart Maxfield and Robert Connolly, that trade leads and creative counterpunches throughout the EP. Drummer Aaron Anderson and guitarist/bassist Brandon Kitterman round out the rhythm section with driving beats that pay complement to the haunting guitars and screaming solos. There is never a dull moment with the quirky, art-forward band and their ironic sense of humor.

Of the album, the band says, “While recording the Free Spirit EP, there was more of a sense of abandonment in the performances.  We went back and forth on different versions of the songs, and in the end we chose the more live and raw sounding material that really seemed to have the rough edges that we liked.”


Give it a spin, y’all:

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