Just in time to celebrate our nation’s birthday, Mississippi-based purveyor of indie pop, Quinn Erwin, is releasing a brand new EP, aptly named Living In America, comprised of two tracks, “Living In America” and “Gray”.

‘Living In America’, a raucous, synth-y banger, is a reflection on coming of age and confronting an understanding of the American Dream. “I tried to capture duality in this song, so whoever is listening to it can either see it as a celebration of a glorious America or as satire–I think that as I have grown older, I live in that tension,” Erwin explains. “What is astounding to me is how timely this release is given that I wrote it four years ago; I just wanted to release the song on or around the Fourth of July.”

Of the second song on the EP, the pensive and hymn-like “Gray”, he says: “The meaning of ‘Gray’ has evolved over time for me and turned into an anthem and a prayer I have for America as we wrestle with the great changes happening in our nation right now. I hope we can all learn to let Love love the self-hatred right out of us.”

The songs perfectly illustrate that duality and tension–the grandiosity of the American Dream, and the humility of a prayer, of sorts, a juxtaposition in sound and energy showcasing Erwin’s powerful vocals and songwriting prowess.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents Living In America, the new EP from Quinn Erwin. Enjoy!


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