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After 14 years in Los Angeles, songcrafting specialist and self-described pizza aficionado, Meiko, decided it was time for a significant change.  “I felt very stagnant there, and I didn’t feel like I was growing,” she explains. “It was scary to move to a new place, but it sparked new emotions and inspiration. It was the right thing to do.”

“I really wanted to be around more green. It was impossible for me to buy a house in L.A., and I wanted to get back to the South and be closer to my family,” says the Georgia native. “I tried to find a place where I could have a yard, grow a vegetable garden, and be around music.  All signs pointed to Nashville.”

On June 24th, Meiko will self-release Moving Day, her brand new album, and her first recorded work in her her hometown. “I had the best experience; I worked with Nashville producer Joshua Grange and used all Nashville-based musicians. I was so inspired, it was perfect for the stage I’m in in my life,” she recalls. “I was less stressed the whole time—the studio wasn’t far from my house, I wasn’t in bumper to bumper traffic every day, I felt so free and uninhibited. I was allowed to be really creative and experiment. Besides my first record, this is the most fun I’ve  ever had recording.”

The appropriately-titled album is about moving—moving through relationships, moving to a new place, moving on from people—“It’s about growing up and being a big girl,” laughs. “It’s about evolving.”

The freedom experienced in the recording process audibly translates into the album’s tracks; with sparse and simple production, Meiko admits that she did not overthink things. “It was so natural,” she says. “It reflects how easygoing the whole process was.” The album features a mixture of newly songs, and songs she’s had in stock for some time. “I was so particular about the songs on this album; ‘I Do’ is particularly special to me. I’m super in love already, and I wrote it before I got engaged. I was pregnant the entire time I was making Moving Day, and the first time I ever felt the baby move was when I was holding the guitar close to my stomach and playing,” she recalls.

“This album encompasses all the things that are happening to me now, it’s very romantic, about being in love in a city I love,” she adds. “It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

(Pre-order  Moving Day now via PledgeMusic, and instantly download “I Do” and “For The Road”:

Give album single “I Do” a spin, a song that is sure to be a “first dance favorite” at all the weddings:

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  1. Meiko is showing how a big move change can be good. Her song “I DO” is one tune that will be played anytime, but especially weddings. Your interview relates information on Meiko’s growth I think people around her age may look at their circumstances or where they are in their lives at this time. Again, nice job.

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