East of 8th has partnered with AGD Entertainment to curate a showcase to surpass all other showcases. This Thursday, June 16th, an uber-talented lineup of five bands/artists from far and wide will appear at The Country, the newest, most happening joint in Music City:

Deep, untamed desire ripples through gritty yet verdant and complex resonance with a lingering ringing in the ears…this is the essence of music from the strange and sultry south, and no other artist brings these flavors. Arkansas alt-rock band Charlie Virgo have done something remarkable, knitting together the best pieces of the region’s vibrations perfectly. It is an experience that would otherwise never exist, and is as extraordinary and wild as its birthplace.

Don’t miss the chance to see Charlie Virgo at The Country on June 16th! For more information about the show: https://www.facebook.com/events/1551593728482215/

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