The Wild Jays are a psychedelic rock band conceived from the minds of three friends who got their start in the Nashville basement scene. Trevor Willmott creates washy soundscapes on guitar with dreamy vocal melodies and introspective lyrics, while drummer Ryan Usher and bassist Mike Walker provide a complex and driving rhythm section. These elements combine to create a sound that is at times intimate and haunting, yet others heavy and chaotic. The focus of the band is to create music collaboratively, having no defined creative leader.

“Kali” is a sun-washed, psychedelic single from their upcoming debut, Murmurations, set for release on June 3rd. “The lyrics reflect on feelings of isolation and desire, but open up to a sense of rebirth and possibility,” says frontman Trevor Willmott.  “I wrote them the morning after a long dreamy night of sorts at a warehouse party.  I had met a girl named Kali, and both of our lives seemed to be in turmoil at the time.  The song came to mean more to me spiritually after learning that Kali is a goddess of sorts in eastern religion.  When I sing it now it’s more about breaking through inner illusions than any particular person or place.”

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Kali” by The Wild Jays:

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