Y’all!! If you haven’t heard the brilliant news yet, dial in and don’t miss this:

East of 8th has partnered with our friends at Premier Booking Enterprises to curate the indie rock n’ roll extravaganza of all indie rock n’ roll extravaganzas.  Consisting of four Nashville rock outfits–SWEETTALKER, That’s My Kid, Down Boy, and Super Shaker–this lineup was hand-crafted with great care just for you, beloved readers.  Each day this week, we will celebrate one of these talented bands so that you can get familiar with the greatness in store for you this Friday, May 20th at Little Harpeth Brewing in Nashville. Tickets for the show are only $5! You can hardly even buy a good latte for that.

Speaking of lattes, I had a coffee date-turned-pizza lunch with the SWEETTALKER fellas a while back, so in case you missed it, here’s a taste…

When I first heard “Jenny”, the new single from Nashville Southern rockers SWEETTALKER, it shot through my earbuds like a bolt of electricity, and I sat straight up in my chair.  I like real-deal, energetic, guitar-driven hard rock, and I don’t often get to hear something that stimulates my senses in quite that way.  Hearing more from and about this group was a must, so I met with vocalist David Brown and guitarist Ryan Pattengale for a caffeinated conversation at local coffee dispensary 8th & Roast:

Me: “Jenny” is the only song I’ve heard, is that the only song there is?

David:  Definitely not. Could you imagine playing a set where there’s just one song?

Ryan: We’re just going to keep remixing it…like, “this is the reggae version of ‘Jenny’.”

Me: Do you have a steel drum player?

David: It’s Nashville. We can find one somewhere.

Indeed, Nashville is a resourceful and magically alluring place; so much so that it caused both men to walk away from the trajectories of their individual paths, on opposite sides of the country.

Want to read more from the interview? Click here:

For more info about the show:

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