After documenting the feeling of loss he experienced in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent tragedies surrounding him in Nashville-based rock band Afterlife Parade’s conceptual opus, Death & Rebirth, and exploring sonic landscapes, textures, and cycles in the band’s instrumental follow-up Awe, singer/songwriter and producer Quinn Erwin has a strong desire to vent about the pangs of growing up in his new solo EP, Soul.  The title track, “Soul”, shows the jagged edge of Erwin’s songwriting, adding an aggressive exclamation point of empowerment to the announcement of his new project.

Taking his hallmark poetry and wrapping it up in pop structures, Erwin is carefully scripting every word and setting out to add vivid imagery to the emotions many experience as they traverse the territory between youth and adulthood.  Now Erwin, a former teacher, has a new lesson to teach and a new classroom in which to share it as he tours all over the nation dishing about “adulting” and spreading the gospel about the power of chasing a passion and making it a career.


Don’t miss a chance to listen to these four deliciously pop-centric gems on Quinn Erwin’s Soul:

Purchase Soul: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/soul-ep/id1105644577

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