So here’s the story….

I heard this captivating song on the radio; with its simple acoustic guitar intro (that’s a tiny bit on the ominous side) that gives way to this buzzy electro-bass tone that tickled by ears, I was intrigued.

Then, a buttery smooth voice sings the first line consisting of seven words, one of which is a certain four-letter word beginning with the letter “f”…I was caught off guard.

But, after only one fantastic ride on this anthemic musical adventure that combines biting lyrics with indie rock, electronic beats, a little spoken word poetry, and a whole bunch of swagger, I am hooked.

Rockaway Beach-based duo Lewis Del Mar has unveiled the official video for their debut single “Loud(y)”, which was filmed with a 16mm film camera and captures the essence of a day in the life of Lewis Del Mar.  Kicking off in Rockaway, the camera follows the pair and their crew on a rambunctious journey of NYC’s outer boroughs.  

“Loud(y)” will land spread-eagle on your eardrums.  Enjoy the video:



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