Recently, I spoke with Zach Gray, frontman of Canadian indie pop band The Zolas, about their latest album, Swooner, out in March via Light Organ Records; “It’s the alternative pop record of the year; if I was only a listener, I would be super excited about this album,” he said with a laugh. “It’s our ‘Kanye Moment.’  As a Canadian, that’s about all the self-promotion I can muster.”

Now, the fellas have released a video for the title track, an full-on celebration of women, the inspiration for which Gray derived from a rather unusual source.  “To me, when you think of the word ‘quarterback’, and you’re thinking about life and work, to me, the quarterbacks are always women. A year ago, I was on a plane watching, ‘Mulan’ for the first time, I wasn’t really into Disney as a kid, but I was bored, so I watched it. I realized that Mulan was the most badass Disney princess; she gives the fewest shits about guys, she wears the most clothes, there’s not really a Prince Charming,” Gray said.  “I realized that my life is full of Mulans.”

Check out the video here:

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