Andy Ferro, gifted writer, musician, and lead guitarist of Nashville rock band Ranch Ghost, is releasing his debut solo album, Muirhead, on Friday, February 26th via Rough Beast Records.  The seven-song, lo-fi, psych-folk gem is largely a solo effort, with a few sonic contributions from keyboards/sound-effects guru Mitch Jones (Fly Golden Eagle, Thunderbitch, Majestic).  East of 8th recently caught up with Ferro, who curated a playlist of his current Nashville favorites just for you, beloved readers!  He also gave us insight into his favorite Music City spots for food and fun:

I am Andy, and this is what I dig:

Honorable mentions not on Spotify:

Crease Reader –  Spankin’ new. You should buy their tape.

Lasso Spells –  This is my buddy Brett’s band with his gal Danielle. Brett played in Ranch Ghost for a long time after Josh nearly cut his thumb off and couldn’t play guitar. Good friend and good songs.

D. Watusi –  I love D. Watusi. When I was being introduced to music in Nashville, D. Watusi and The Paperhead played one of the first shows I went to. BOOM! They’ll have a new record out soon.

Sun Seeker –  These guys just put out a single through Third Man. Super smooth. I like ‘em. Good lookin’ fellas too. Look out ladies.

Savoy Motel –  Dillon Watson from D. Watusi and Jeffery Novak from Cheap Time, plus Jessica and Mimi from what used to be Heavy Cream. They draw from a different pot of influences than a lot of bands at the moment. Talk about swagger…

Hypochondriak –  This is my dear friend Jake’s project. I call him Gizmo. We’ve known each other since we were kids. He makes hip hop that doesn’t suck. He’s really good.

Kinship –  Soulful transplants from up north. Ithaca, to be exact.

Ornament – Just keep your eyes open. I can’t find any stuff online.  They’re a brand new incarnation of some familiar faces from the scene. They’re all excellent musicians and easily one of my favorite bands I’ve seen in a long time.

Coupler –  Headed by Ryan Norris. He works at Grimey’s and he’s a swell guy.

Food n’ Drink:

Clawson’s Pub –

Really fresh and delicious sammy’s and the best selection of brews.

Two Boots Pizza –

My man Sam Boyer runs this place. He’s facilitated a lot of great shows, and supported a bunch of us by putting our music out and spreading the word. Gotta love Sam, gotta love pizza.

The Jam Coffee House –

By far my favorite cafe. The owner’s are a super sweet family that always great you by name and bid you a sweet farewell. Breakfast sandwich.

Far East Vietnamese –

Potent Pho.

Gojo Ethiopian Food –

Delicious little piles of lentils and things. That flat bread stuff is crazy.

Zolli Koffee –

I work here. Mondays and Tuesdays 2-6. Come on in! I’ll sell you a muffin.

Jackalope Brewing Company –

Jackalope shares a building with Zolli. Operated by a killer crew. Brent Lafever from Crease Reader works here.

The red taco truck on High St.

‘Nuff said.

Other stuff:

Wedgwood/Houston Art Crawl –

Sixth Avenue Skatepark –

Fort Houston –

Trails at Radnor Lake

The Frist Center –

The Belcourt Theatre –

Nashville Public Library –

Grimey’s New and Used Music –

Yanira’s house

Mitch’s studio

Spencer’s airstream

There you have it, y’all.  Be sure to check out Ferro’s new album, Muirhead!!  Snag a listen to his latest single, “Hood”, and purchase the album here:


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