Nashville-based songcrafter Tim McNary has a life story worthy of a song itself.  Born on the southside of Chicago, he was raised in a strict evangelical environment without secular music, followed his wanderlust to tiny seaside towns in South America, and sang in a southern rock band along the eastern coast of the United States. Before moving permanently to Nashville, McNary lived in his van for four months, tying up loose ends and fulfilling tour commitments. In an unfortunate turn of events, his van and musical equipment were stolen from a friend’s driveway in Atlanta. With no choice but to start over, he found a serving job at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville, rented a room and began the process of getting back on his feet.

His new EP set for release March 4th, Above the Trees, combines songs chronicling those experiences.

Recorded with producer Paul Warner between a mountain cabin in rural Georgia and East Nashville, Tennessee, McNary’s album sounds like what might happen if Bon Iver went on a songwriting retreat with Josh Ritter – and spent a few nights in Brazil somewhere along the way.  “This record has a distinct sound because of the unique way it was recorded,” McNary said. “I’ve always wanted to make a record up in the mountains, undisturbed by the rest of the world and free to focus only on the music.”

Give his new single, “Echoes Of A Whole” and spin:

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