“ORCHARD BEACH” – New Video from Monogold

New York City-based indie-psych trio Monogold has shared their tranquil new video for “Orchard Beach,” the second installment in their three-part trilogy of videos from their dreamy 2015 album, Good Heavens.  The band previously shared the hilarious, pop culture-infused video for “Pink Lemonade” in December.

Filmed on a serene farm, “Orchard Beach” was directed by Jon Nelson and tells a story through the use of natural beauty. On Good Heavens, Monogold left the signature synths and samples from their previous work behind, in favor of foundational-layers of lush, dreamy textures, along with the tireless manipulation of the organic sounds of guitars, vocals, percussion, and vintage organs and pianos.

Monogold doesn’t want you to think that they’re a different band now, although they’ve certainly taken on a different shape. One might even consider Good Heavens to be a rebirth for the band, as they are already back in the studio tracking for yet another full-length record.

Keep an eye on their social media, y’all, because the trio is hitting the road with The Peach Kings in February, with dates slated in Brooklyn, Boston and New Haven.



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