THE EAST OF 8TH TOP 15 OF ’15: “When, When” – Civil Twilight

I admitted in a post this summer that I hadn’t really ever connected with Nashville by-way-of South Africa alt-pop/rock band Civil Twilight‘s music because their previous releases struck me as melancholy, and I just couldn’t get into it.  However, their newest album, Story Of An Immigrant, which was released in July, turned me into a die-hard Civil Twilight fan.  A Civil Twi-Hard?  Just go with it.

The album as a whole is stellar, containing a little taste of everything for your musical palate.  I felt it was a must to include my most favorite track from the album, “When When”, which allows the the band to show us their South African roots.  So much percussion and rhythmic movement.  It’s glorious.



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