THE EAST OF 8TH TOP 15 OF ’15: “Break Bones” – Wild Child

Austin-based indie folk band Wild Child released their third and latest album, Fools, this year; the record, which shows the group stretching the boundaries of what they’ve done before, is amazing in its entirety–and y’all, that’s not something I say very often about a whole album.  It was difficult to choose a favorite for the list, but I made the sacrifice just for you, beloved readers, and landed on a deliciously envelope-pushing selection from the record, “Break Bones”, which vocalist and co-founder Kelsey Wilson says didn’t even exist before the band went to the studio to record the album.  “Alexander sat down the piano in the studio and just playing these chords, they were beautiful. I kicked everyone else out, hit record, and the two of us started jamming, it was so natural.  It had everything to do with exactly what was going on in my life.  Once we got it out, we all just sat and listened to it and cried.  It was the first time we ever wrote something live in the studio, and the fact that it’s all recorded that way makes it really special,” she said during our recent chat.

The way the lyrical subject matter, the musical composition, and the intonation and inflection of Wilson’s voice combine makes one beautifully heart-wrenching tune.  Don’t miss this one.



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