The Elwins have used their latest video “Show Me How To Move” to answer the future classic Tim & Eric question “What’s your dad like?”  Directors Zach Rose and Adrien Vieni employ a classic “dad” in the video, boogying around his upper-middle class house, after a long day at the office, pouring himself a short cola, all the while not noticing (or ignoring) the members of The Elwins, tucked neatly into the crevices of his home. Our Hulk Hogan-moustachioed hero rooster points and butt-wiggles his way around his house, slowly getting more and more comfortable, celebrating the end of his commute until he discovers a pontoon of similarly dressed dads, where they all get down, get funky, and get loose in unison, all to the beat of The Elwins’ latest power pop gem.

“The song is about dancing and groovin’ around the dance floor,” says Matthew Sweeney of the band, “…and what better way to showcase that then to show dads…breaking out their moves!” The track is the latest from their album Play For Keeps.  Check it out, y’all:

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