Nashville’s Pony Boy has released a brand new video for “Magnolia”, a track from her newest album Blue Gold, which inhabits a dream state between art rock and alt-country. 

Featuring several sets of identical twins in a surreal high-stakes dart match, the video was shot on location in London by Nick Ogden of High Six Media, an identical twin himself. The result – think vintage BBC Champion Dart Matches meets David Lynch – is bizarrely compelling, in keeping with Pony Boy’s signature style.  “I wanted the video to reflect a sense of trying to undo someone’s mess, but still have some level of absurdity,” she explains.

It’s the first new content revealed since Pony Boy’s breakout performance at Americana Fest last month which saw the artist (whose real name is Marchelle Bradanini) selected as a festival highlight from Rolling StoneNPR,  among many more.

Check it out, y’all:

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