London-based indie pop band Escapists’ new track “What Are You Waiting For” comes off the back of their riveting dance pop return single “Eat You Alive.”  Keeping everything panoramic and guitar-oriented, “What Are You Waiting For” is an uptempo riff-laden song that explores the vertiginous boundary between action and inaction.  It hearkens back to the tender, yet brawny sound of their acclaimed debut album, Only Bodies, but through the deft songwriting and recording they’ve achieved in their stop-gap singles since then, it thrums with a life of its own.

“The song is two sides of a conversation,” says vocalist Simon Glancy, “one the negative, the feeling of not knowing what you’re doing, or where you’re going, and the other the positive, the voice telling you to go and get what you want.” With intricate layered vocals, a shout-along chorus, and laddering guitar lines,
“What Are You Waiting For” tactfully navigates the dichotomy between tender introspection and brazen self-affirmation.  It’s a song that will keep Escapists firmly on the radar as songwriters, and it’s another indication of their wide and restless scope.


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