Five piece London-by-way-of Essex-based alt-rock outfit Nothing But Thieves will release their self-titled debut LP on October 16th via Sony Music; their groovy single “Trip Switch” is perpetually reverberating in my mind, I’m definitely addicted.  The band has been playing all over the place as of late, dominating the European festival circuit and playing shows with the likes of Muse (no big deal); they’re definitely going to be selling out stadiums before too long.  Lead vocalist Conor Mason was kind enough to answer some questions for us:

East of 8th:  How did the five of you meet and become Nothing But Thieves?

Nothing But Thieves:  I was a caretaker in a school, Joe was a professor, he wrote equations on a notice board outside his classrooms, I used to solve them. He found me, made me talk out my emotional problems with Dom (a psychiatrist at the time) and eventually we formed a band.

Eo8:  I’ve heard London can be a tough place to make a name for yourself, how has being a part of the London music scene shaped your band, and what do you think sets your band apart from the rest?

NBT:  Well we’re new to London, but being from Essex definitely shaped the band. Mainly cos you strive to get out of it and make a name for yourself. I think we worked our asses off to write good, different music that no one else is doing.

Eo8:  Can you describe everyone’s personality and how it contributes to the band dynamic?

NBT:  Firstly, Joe’s driven, smart and stubborn meaning we get shit done. Price is a joker and a nut job, which keeps everyone in a good mood. Dom’s very optimistic and hard working which both play huge parts in the band, Phil is incredibly caring and loyal, he looks after everyone. I guess I’m perfect in every way? I don’t know, their words not mine.

Eo8:  Your music has been described as Muse-inspired; you played a gig with them recently, can you describe that experience?

NBT:  I guess, it’s more Jeff Buckley/radiohead inspired, which I know Muse took influence from so I get the cross over. But bloody hell the gig was insane, completely humbling and frightening playing to over 30,000 people. One of the best days of our band lives for sure.

Eo8:  You’ve been rocking the European festival circuit and playing to some huge crowds.  Any fun stories you’re willing to share?

NBT:  We always seem to leave Price (our drummer) at service stations. He just never seems to be in the van. I fucked up massively and went to crowd surf, threw myself too hard a guy tried to help by grabbing my foot and I pendulum swung, smacking my head and back on the floor. Good times!

Eo8:  Your self-titled debut album comes out October 16th.  Can you tell us about the experience of creating and recording it?

NBT:  The writing process was just so fun, we weren’t tied to labels/publishers or anything so just did what we wanted, didn’t set any musical barriers and that’s why it’s come out a mess…I’m kidding. We’re proud of how diverse it is. Recording took a year, we started it last June and finished it this may. Very particular on the sonics, so took a while but we’re so proud and are itching for it to be out!

Eo8:  Will you cross the one and tour the States in the near future? More specifically, will you come to Nashville (pretty please)?

NBT:  I bloody hope so. We love the states, our managers are from there so we’ve been a couple times and absolutely love it. YES YES YES, I wanna be in the Country Music Hall of Fame with a rock song. I can do it.

….and last but not least,

Eo8:  What do you do when the power’s out, what do you do when the lights go down?

NBT:  Shag?

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