Technology and I have a complicated relationship; I need it, and I think it knows I need it, and refuses to cooperate with me on the regular, you know, just for kicks and giggles.  Even so, it’s a necessary thing, technology, and without it, there would be no Soundcloud, and if there was no Soundcloud, I wouldn’t have accidentally stumbled upon this groovy song called “Infectious” by a groovy indie rock band called Wolf.

I left a comment on Wolf’s page that I liked the song, and lead singer Chelsea emailed me to say thank you!  How nice is that?  It was that same thoughtfulness that made her path cross with drummer Bill O’Connor, who’d ordered Chelsea’s solo EP.  She emailed him to say thank you, and realized they worked in the same building.  O’Connor was also in a band, so the two decided to get together to jam.  The pair met bassist Ben Randall through Buffalo’s tight-knit relationship-oriented music scene.  Brian Siklinski, who had been friends with Randall for years, rounded out the lineup on lead guitar.

Chelsea says, “Even when I was solo, I would write songs and envision them with way more accompaniment than just acoustic guitar.  I always wanted to be with a band for sure.  With a band, it’s been really positive, and I was lucky to find people to play with who not only take direction, but contribute their own unique ideas.  I don’t play drums, I don’t play bass, I’m just one brain, and I don’t always know what all the other options are, so being with a band has been really cool.”

“Infectious,” the catalyst for this very interview, is on Wolf’s latest EP It’s Electric, which came out this March.  “I actually wrote it a couple of years ago as a part of a personal challenge to write one new song every day for a week.  A lot of them sucked, but “Infectious” came from that.  I liked it but wasn’t sure if it would work, it was a little goofier than my other songs, so I tucked it away.  When the band formed, I pulled it back out, and it just worked,” she explains.

The band is planning a touring in September, and while she couldn’t give away many details when we spoke, Chelsea said they definitely want to come to Nashville, and I might just get to hear “Infectious” live with my own two ears.

You can find Wolf on FacebookBandcamp, and of course, Soundcloud.

(Chelsea asked me to let you know that you should check out their friends The Demos, The Naturalists, and Buxom too.  Enjoy!)

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