Toronto-based roots-rockers The Wooden Sky are releasing their fourth album Let’s Be Ready on June 16th via Nevado Music, and it’s a good one, y’all.  I really can’t imagine a more perfect soundtrack for my summer adventures; the album in its entirety, while lyrically heart-heavy at times, is sonically inspired and carefree.  The opening track, “Saturday Night,” begins with a head-bobbing drum intro as a brightly glistening guitar breaks through the beat like sunshine peeking through the clouds, followed by the warmest of basslines, every part blending perfectly and providing the loveliest canvas for Gavin Gardiner’s vibrato.  The tempo slows just a little for the more playful “Our Hearts Were Young”; it never fails to bring a smile to my face as Gardiner sings “come on come on/let your freak flag fly for me.”

c620a47b-b6a9-4fd9-ab56-2530be80482eAt times, The Wooden Sky reminds me of a less-jangly version of one of my faves, Lord Huron, particularly with the country-tinged middle track on the LP, “Kansas City”; the song’s ethereally languid intro with its spare, tom-centric drumming evokes imagery of a nomadic desert road journey, becoming fuller and more driven as it, and the journey through the album itself, progresses and propels the listener forward.

“Maybe It’s No Secret” is a head-bobber, a bright and shining selection on the album, lushly-layered with iridescent guitar riffs, energetic and driving drums, and soaring background vocal support that swirls and dances with Gardiner’s lead, as he sings “maybe it’s no secret/it’s a dangerous time to be young.”  “Let’s Be Ready,” a tenderly acoustic ballad that provides a soft and endearing place to land after the intense “Shake For Me,” which leads us to the album’s meandering farewell song, “Don’t You Worry About A Thing,” a perfect ending to the listening experience.  Great job, y’all.  Now come to Nashville…

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